Upgrading your mastodon instance

As mastodon v3.3.0 has been released for over two months now, I figured it was time to upgrade my family instance from v3.2.1 to v3.3.0 (thereby skipping v3.2.2).

I wrote about hosting your own instance, via docker-compose, in a previous post. The past week I’ve been tinkering with mastodon development. Considering what a pain it has been to setup a local development environment, I remain convinced that a containerized setup is the way to go for hosting mastodon. Let’s get started!

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Hosting your own mastodon instance via docker-compose

Mastodon mascotteRecently I’ve setup an invite-only mastodon instance as a private space for

friends and family. While I am still evaluating whether mastodon is the right tool for such a private space, I’d like to share a number of issues I encountered during setup. Continue reading “Hosting your own mastodon instance via docker-compose”

Migrating nextcloud to a new server


I’ve been using a self-hosted file sharing service for the past three years in order to move away from large commercial parties in this space. I started using owncloud in the summer of 2016, but switched to nextcloud later that year as Frank Karlitschek, the founder, left owncloud. The open source, large community and the self-hosted aspects of nextcloud are the biggest draws to the project for me. Hosting my own instance means I get to indulge in some sysops, one of my pastimes. You can find more details on the self-hosted aspect in the ‘Self-hosted’ section at bottom of this post. In short, I decided to switch to a new offering of my VPS provider which meant migrating nextcloud to a new server.

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